The Debt Treadmill for Chicken Farmers

Raising chickens is not what it used to be, as debt-laden farmers have been attempting to tell us for some years now; Carole Morrison, featured in Food Inc., comes to mind, as does Craig Watts, a former contract producer for Purdue, who blew the whistle on industry practices in 2014.

Take a look at the Rural Advancement Foundation International’s (RAFI) new infographic about the plight of contract poultry producers, then wander over to RAFI’s webpage to view Sally Lee’s detailed analysis, What Debt in Chicken Farming Says About American Agriculture.

debt treadmill chicken farmers

Greening the Revolution – Watch the Complete Film

A high-definition documentary explores the far-reaching effects of international food injustice, from world hunger to the consumption of industrial food. Using food as a symbol of inequality, we explain and expose the corrupt cycle of globalization that perpetuates systems of poverty and oppressive social control. We then present hope: successful, sustainable communities achieving food justice and freedom through the power of the people.

Filmed in India, Kenya, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the United States.


True Patriotism – a Fourth of July Message from Robert Reich

True patriotism is about 5 basic principles, according to Robert Reich:

  1. Coming together for the common good.
  2. Paying your fare share of the tax burdens of our country, rather than always seeking out the maximum number of tax loopholes and stashing money abroad. Voting, being politically active, volunteering to improve things for others.
  3. Preserving, fortifying and protecting our democracy. Defending the right to vote and ensuring more people have the right to vote, not fewer.
  4. Government is not something to be despised, but a tool of the people to help solve problems. True patriots work to improve our government, not destroy it.
  5. True patriots seek to celebrate the “we” in “We the People.”