Richard Heinberg and The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Our neighbor over at Sebastopol’s Post Carbon Institute, Richard Heinberg, has posted an excellent new essay at that touches upon numerous facets of current political debates over energy, economic growth, and climate change.

One aspect of the essay’s thesis in particular caught my attention:

Political prejudices tend to blind us to facts that fail to fit any conventional political agendas.

Read on to discover more about why Peak Oil is not only not dead, nor the exclusive domain of conspiracy theorists, but still very much here, more or less. The Obama Administration’s rebranding of Peak Oil as an “undulating plateau” does not change the underlying facts.

The era of cheap oil is long gone and newer, dirtier and tighter liquid fuels cannot make up for that decline. Climate change is very real and there must be drastic societal changes in energy production and consumption if humanity is to survive. Small scale, community-based farming using agroecological methods are a primary part of the solution.

Read Heinberg’s piece – The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics.


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