Shop Whole Foods Market Today & Support Daily Acts + Pick Up a Calendar As Well

If you have the need to do some grocery shopping and are willing and able to do some of that shopping today at Whole Foods Market, 5% of your purchase will go directly to Daily Acts. They’re open until 9 pm today.
Daily Acts is our extraordinary local NPO which has been busily encouraging us all to do whatever we can, whenever we can – no matter how small the task – to create a sustainable and resilient community. As for myself, they had me the first time I caught a glimpse of that glorious little ode to mindfulness – “a revolutionary journal of seasonal delight,” Ripples magazine.
Among the many endeavors the group has inspired is Leslie Curchack’s annual benefit for the group, the In Love With Earth: 2015 Eco Calendar. All profits from the purchase of this gorgeous calendar go directly to support Daily Acts and its programs. Visit today to purchase yours.
See below for a message from Leslie about this year’s calendar. It’s also available locally at Petaluma Market, Rex Ace Hardware, the Mail Depot, Cottage Gardens, Share Exchange, Harmony Farms & Milk & Honey.

The In Love With Earth 2015 Eco Calendar
“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.” (Greek proverb) 
It is an old epiphany that everything is connected, but one that continues to inspire responsible action. From our first breath to our very last, opportunities arise to transmute our wonder at belonging together, here on Earth, into creative actions that leave the Earth a better place for the generations that come after us
There are many ways to leave a legacy of love for the Earth – whether it’s in environmental activism, life style changes, relationship to others, social justice, art, education, planting gardens, healing, inner work, raising children, and many other forms. It’s all important, and it’s all connected.
 In Love With Earth, with its striking images of Earth’s beauty and thoughtful content, is a daily reminder to cherish this miraculous home of ours and make ripples in our own many different ways. It is a benefit for Daily Acts, and also features other remarkable community groups.
It is a great gift for yourself and a beautiful, meaningful holiday gift for family, friends and neighbors. If you have a green business, this calendar is a perfect gift for employees and clients. I have great discounts for quantity orders! 
I also offer Santa Service. If you send me names and addresses of chosen recipients, I will mail calendars directly to them, in plenty of time for Christmas or the New Year. 

Warm holiday wishes to all, Leslie
At or email me directly. If you already have your calendars, please forward this email to friends who love the Earth!


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