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Farm Aid Collaborates with Dollars & Sense Magazine for a Special Issue on the State of Agriculture in the U.S.

Dollars & Sense magazine collaborated with Farm Aid to create a special issue examining the economic state of agriculture in America today. Featuring: John Ikerd on the failure of industrial agriculture and the need to embrace alternatives now. Farm Aid co-founder Willie Nelson on the need for new definitions of wealth that recognize the importance…

WhyHunger’s Introduction to Agroecology

WhyHunger’s new publication, Agroecology: Putting Food Sovereignty Into Action, is an attractive introduction to agroecological principles, concepts and practices, based largely upon the work of La Via Campesina and many other grassroots leaders and social movements.

It features a plethora of contributions from members of peasant and small-scale farmers’ groups from Guatemala, Haiti, Brazil, India, Mali, and the U.S. which detail their perspectives of the promise that agroecology holds for sustainable and fair local economies.


Agroecology: Putting Food Sovereignty Into Action

La Via Campesina