Farm Aid Collaborates with Dollars & Sense Magazine for a Special Issue on the State of Agriculture in the U.S.

Dollars & Sense magazine collaborated with Farm Aid to create a special issue examining the economic state of agriculture in America today.


  • John Ikerd on the failure of industrial agriculture and the need to embrace alternatives now.
  • Farm Aid co-founder Willie Nelson on the need for new definitions of wealth that recognize the importance of family farming to land stewardship and sustainable communities
  • A review of Christopher Leonard’s The Meat Racket
  • David Bacon on the struggles of migrant farmworkers on the West Coast
  • Essays on land grabs by Wall Street in the U.S. and by multinational investors in Africa
  • A report on the reemergence of modern day robber barons among poultry processors in the U.S. and coffee exporters abroad
  • Lessons on the growth and benefits of community-supported agriculture programs

Read these and more in the March-April issue of Dollars & Sense. Download or read below.

Dollars and Sense – Farms Today

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