Monthly Archives: July 2015

A Journalism Lesson for Engaged Citizens

Glenn Greenwald published a short post at The Intercept on July 26 that’s well worth reading in its entirety, but it was his concluding comments I found especially noteworthy: Journalistic objectivity is a sham, a horribly misleading and self-flattering conceit. Don’t simply trust claims made in authoritative media tones — even if, perhaps especially if,…

Jon Stewart’s Democalypse 2016 & The Great Fellatiator: What Would We Do Without Donald Trump?

Jon Stewart not only raises the question of what we would do without Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign to entertain us.

He also makes you wonder what we’ll do without Stewart around to help us laugh at the absurdity that is our electoral campaign process.

Farmers Markets Stimulate Local Economies

Farmers Markets Stimulate Local Economies On the next visit to your local farmers market, take a moment to observe the wheels of your local economy in motion. The rows of fresh, colorful produce. The delicious aroma of sizzling fare. The neighborly conversations. At the center of these lovely diversions are the transactions taking place between…