‘Like Talking On-Air!’ – Here Come the Petaluma Radio Players


Photo by Kathleen Stewart Mortenson


TIME TO CHANGE DENTAL PLANS – Using his “midget respirator,” the evil, one-time, aspiring world

class dentist, Doctor Milton Hager (Steve Lubliner), prepares to induce sleep, 10 years’ worth, in the

lovely Margot Lane (Jackie Van Winkle) in ‘Death in the Tomb,’ one of two, classic, 1940s radio show

episodes of ‘THE SHADOW.’ For the first time in more than 70 years, THE PETALUMA RADIO

PLAYERS prepare to breathe new life into vintage radio plays at The DeCarli Trolley Barn Theatre,

Petaluma, Thurs., Oct. 29th and Fri., Oct. 30th (7:30 p.m.) Tickets: PetalumaRadioPlayers.com

For more information: Ralph Scott (707) 771-0606 or Linda Jay (415) 320-0083

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