Canadians Dump The Last Remnant of George W. Bush in North America

Canadian Election Coverage
Democracy Now!:

Canadians Oust Stephen Harper, Right-Wing PM Who Ignored Climate Change & Shunned First Nations

Canadian voters have unseated right-wing Prime Minister Stephen Harper after nearly a decade in office. In a surprise result following the closest election campaign in recent history, the centrist Liberals jumped from third place to a parliamentary majority. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau will become Canada’s next prime minister. Harper’s loss ends a tenure that saw him take three elections despite his Conservative Party never winning more than 40 percent of the vote. For a hostile stance on the environment and other signature right-wing policies, a recent headline in The Guardian called him “the last remnant of George W Bush in North America.” Monday’s result is also a major loss for the traditionally leftist New Democratic Party, which fell from holding Official Opposition status to third place. The NDP led the polls in August but lost momentum as its leadership drifted toward the middle. Trudeau has pledged to reverse some of Harper’s key policies while backing others, including the C-51 surveillance law — known as “Canada’s Patriot Act” — and the Keystone XL pipeline. We discuss the Canadian elections with two guests: indigenous attorney and law professor Pamela Palmater, and Judy Rebick, founder of, one of Canada’s leading independent news websites.

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The Guardian:

Justin Trudeau begins first full day as Canada’s prime minister-designate

I’m glad Justin Trudeau is Canada’s new leader, but only because Harper is gone

Stephen Harper is the last remnant of George W Bush in North America



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