Month: November 2015

Making the Paris Climate Talks Count – Naomi Klein

Published by The Nation on Nov 29, 2015

It’s a classic case of the shock doctrine in action: In the wake of the horrific terrorist attacks on Paris earlier this month, the French government is using that crisis to try to silence the climate justice activists who have converged on the capital city for this week’s COP21 climate conference. But it’s not working.

In the first of Naomi Klein’s video dispatches from the frontlines of the Paris climate justice protests, produced by Mediapart and The Nation, Klein explains that at the bottom of all the jargon that will be thrown about this week are human lives—lives that are already being impacted by climate change. If these talks fail to produce substantive changes to our carbon-intensive economy, those lives will only be in greater danger.


Artsy’s Dorothea Lange Page

Joel at Artsy reached out to draw Artsy’s Dorothea Lange page to our attention. The Raucous Rooster has been heavily influenced over the years by the extraordinary work of Lange, who managed to regularly capture the devastating poverty and suffering…

‘Total Failure to Address the Fundamental Issue’, Says Climate Scientist James Hansen in Withering Rebuke of Obama Climate Strategy Ahead of COP21

Renowned climate scientist James Hansen has published a withering rebuke of the Obama Administration’s negotiating strategy, as the COP21 climate conference approaches on November 30, 2015. Hansen called Obama’s current strategy “100% pure bullshit” and “a total failure to address…

Gratitude, by Mary Oliver

via Connie Madden’s daily poem. Gratitude What did you notice? The dew snail; the low-flying sparrow; the bat, on the wind, in the dark; big-chested geese, in the V of sleekest performance; the soft toad, patient in the hot sand;…