Love Your Food Journalist: Tell the PD to Give Michele Anna Jordan Her Columns Back

The Raucous Rooster was saddened – but not surprised – to learn that local newspaper monopoly The Press Democrat has eliminated two of local food & ag columnist Michele Anna Jordan’s excellent columns featured in its pages – Mouthful and Fresh From Our Farmers.

The Press Democrat (PD) was previously a New York Times-owned paper, but was purchased in 2012 by a pair of powerful and well-connected Democrats – Sacramento lobbyist Darius Anderson and former North Coast congressman Doug Bosco, and their partnership, Sonoma Media Investments Inc.

While the PD has done a fair, if inadequate, job covering the local food and ag scene in recent years, covering the growth of community-supported agriculture, the farm to table movement, trends toward the local, organic and sustainable and more, much of its most informative, illuminating coverage has come from columnist Michele Anna Jordan.

Jordan was writing about the growing food movement and the extraordinary men and women at its core – our local farmers – before it was a movement.

The North Bay is known worldwide for its innovative, entrepreneurial foodies & agriculturists – a Mecca for the regenerative and sustainable food system we are compelled to create by fossil fuel depletion and climate change. Michele Anna Jordan has helped create that well-deserved image by bringing the likes of Laguna Farm, Singing Frogs Farm, and Tara Firma Farms to the attention of larger media outlets such as the New York Times and PBS.

Slow Food Russian River posted this alert on its Facebook page on November 2:

For all of you who love the Farmers Markets or depend on them… Help Michele Anna Jordan get her columns back

Here’s hoping you can give a few minutes of your time to Michele Anna Jordan …Not only has the Press Democrat taken away 1/2 of her livelihood but they also are depriving the readers of Sonoma County of a weekly reminder about our local farmers markets and the bounty they have to offer.

The Press Democrat has canceled – eliminated – liquidated two of Michele Ana Jordan’s columns that help all the Farmers Markets in the county thrive – Mouthful and Fresh From Our Farmers.

Michele has been the most consistent and dedicated supporter of Sonoma County Farmers markets since 2002 when Mouthful began.

Will you help bring Michele back?

Catherine Barnett is the Executive Editor.

Please email her at


Raise your voice over the phone – tomorrow morning right after you have had your morning coffee – call 707-521-5403 and ask, “Where is our Michele?

OR call AND email.

If every single one of us call and/or email, the Press Democrat might get the message – Michele Jordan and her work are valued, loved and needed. The readers of Sonoma County want Michele back.

Thank you!

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