Big Pharma: Pfizer Opts for Irish Citizenship to Avoid U.S. Taxes

From the Tax Justice Blog:

After Failed Attempt to Become British, the Pfizer Corp. Now Wants to be Irish to Avoid U.S. Taxes

by Matt Gardner, Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy

How do you say Viagra in Gaelic? That’s an internal question the Pfizer Corporation may have to deal with if it’s successful in its latest attempt to avoid billions of dollars in taxes by trading its U.S. citizenship for an Irish passport in a process known as a corporate inversion.

The drug and consumer health products maker is attempting to buy Allergan, an Ireland-based firm, and assume that company’s Irish identity.

But that’s probably about as painful as the move would get for the New York-based pharmaceutical firm. When a company like Pfizer attempts to become a resident of Ireland or other tax haven countries, there generally aren’t a lot of moving trucks involved. Usually, corporate inversions are a purely paper transaction in which corporations shift their U.S. profits overseas for tax purposes without changing the way they do business. Inverting companies typically continue to rely heavily on the American education, transportation and healthcare infrastructure that have allowed them to prosper. The only real change is that post-inversion companies are no longer paying for the government benefits they consume. An inversion by Pfizer would very likely amount to pretending to be Irish, much like the Notre Dame mascot.

This is the second time in as many years that the company has attempted to renounce its U.S. citizenship. In 2014, the company attempted to trade its U.S. passport for a British one by acquiring the firm AstraZeneca.

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