The USA’s Only Fishing Grange – Bodega Bay Crab Cioppino Feed is Sunday January 17, 2016

Bodega Bay Grange

The Bodega Bay Grange #777 will host its annual Crab Cioppino Feed on Sunday January 17, 2016 at the Grange Hall on Highway 1 in Bodega Bay.

For those of us now forced to wait for the crab fishing season to begin – delayed by the state due an extraordinary algae bloom which leaves a neurotoxin in crab making them unfit for consumption – we will by thrilled to have crab by event day in January.

The Bodega Bay Grange event is among the most popular of the annual crab feeds of its kind, having become a can’t-miss winter event since its inception in 1953. Four separate seatings on the day of the event fill the hall to capacity.

Seatings are by reservation only:

1st Seating at 12:00 noon.

2nd Seating at 1:30 pm.

3rd Seating at 3:00 pm.

4th Seating at 4:30 pm.

$55 per person. $27.50 for children 12 and under. Babes in arms free. No strollers permitted. All attendees must have a ticket. No refunds or take-outs.

Cut off for ticket sales is January 8.

For information and reservations, call Janet at 707-875-3616. State your seating preference, phone number, and address. If attending with a group, please state your group name.

Send your check to: Bodega Bay Grange, P.O. Box 152, Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

There will be a corkage fee charged (rate tbd).

All proceeds benefit Bodega Bay Grange #777 scholarship programs.


Bodega Bay Grange #777 History

The Bodega Bay Grange was founded in defiance of the McCarthy-era House Un-American Activities Committee, which had declared the local fisherman’s association an “un-American union. ” The association appealed to the National Grange for membership as “fishermen of the sea” and remain the only fishing grange in the country.

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