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From Victorian Farmstead Meat Co. in Sebastopol:

Happy Thanksgiving! We are proud to feature Heritage and White Broad-breasted Turkey raised by BN Ranch. White Turkeys are known for their milder flavor and larger breast than heritage turkeys, whereas heritage turkeys are well known for their rich flavor, exceptional dark meat and a smaller breast than conventional turkeys. They come from a mixed stock of heritage breeds including White Holland, Narragansett, Spanish Black, Bourbon Red, and Standard Bronze.

At six weeks of age, the birds are allowed unrestricted access to the great outdoors. They are fed a special ration formulated specifically for BN Turkeys. Always GMO, antibiotic and hormone free, corn is replaced by wheat and soy is minimized through the use of safflower or sunflower meal. Broad-breasted turkeys grow at a faster pace than heritage turkeys, and that is reflected in the lower price.

BN Ranch Broad Breasted Turkeys are $7.50/lb and BN Ranch Heritage Turkeys are $9.50/lb. Order forms for both types are at the bottom of this page.  When you place your order we will collect a $50 deposit per bird. This deposit is refundable up until November 15th. The balance due for your bird will be collected at pick up.

Pickup at the farm is November 23rd thru 25th and is available between 3pm and 6pm. You can also pick up your turkey at all of Victorian Farmstead Farmers Market locations. Sonoma Pickup will be on Tuesday, 11/24. Daly City and Portola Valley pickup will be on Wednesday, 11/25. In addition, you may pick up your turkey at Tara Firma Farm in Petaluma  November 21-25 from 2pm – 6pm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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