Stop the Dutra Asphalt Plant at Haystack Landing

From Joan Cooper of the Friends of Shollenberger Park:

Dear Friends of Shollenberger:

We need your help in urging Congressman Jared Huffman to help preserve and protect Shollenberger Park.  The most critical step for the Dutra project going forward is for Dutra to get their federal permits from the US Army Corps of Engineers.  We will work hard to keep that from happening.

We would like the permits to be thoroughly vetted and reviewed by the US Army Corps of Engineers. We do not find the current permit review to be adequate. Our legal team will be submitting full comments, but your voices are very important.

We need to ask Lt. Colonel John C. Morrow at the USACE directly and we should also ask our congressman, Rep. Jared Huffman to help.

Please copy the short letter below into the body of a new email, and send it ASAP.  If you wish to add your own thoughts, please do! Write your name, address and email at the bottom of the letter.  Deadline for your comment is Monday, Nov. 30th, 4pm to make public comments to USACE.

Pass this on to your five friends, and ask them to join us by signing and sending these letters to the USACE Colonel and to  Rep.Jared Huffman, and passing it on to five  more friends.

Thank you!!

Joan Cooper

Friends of Shollenberger




1) COPY the E-mail message BELOW

2) SIGN  and add your address at the bottom

3)  SEND it to the EMAIL addresses listed


SUBJECT LINE:     Dutra Haystack Asphalt Plant Project


SEND TO: (Rep. Huffman’s contact is Jenny Callaway)




RE: Dutra Haystack Asphalt Plant Project

US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Public Notice #2003-281040

Dear Rep. Jared Huffman, CA-2nd District:


Dear LTC John C. Morrow, Commander, USACE San Francisco District:


I am writing to ask your help in protecting the Petaluma River, wetlands, fish and wildlife, and public investments including Shollenberger Park. I am concerned that the likely degradation of these public resources and assets by the proposed Dutra asphalt factory project is not being sufficiently scrutinized under the above Public Notice for a Sec. 404 Permit.

The project continues to be opposed strongly by the City of Petaluma, a number of non-profit and community organizations, and thousands of residents, businesses, educators and visitors.

Its construction and operation would severely damage and degrade wetlands and river restoration projects directly across the river from the proposed site, which have been funded with millions of public dollars in recent years. The Dutra project would undo that work and reindustrialize this area with a noxious and polluting asphalt factory. Alternative sites should be thoroughly examined.

I strongly urge you to raise the level of federal review for the Dutra project to a full Environmental Impact Statement under NEPA, including a more accurate and complete project and alternatives description, wetlands, avian and fish impacts analysis, avoidance and mitigation proposals.


The current Public Notice for Sec. 404 available for review and comment is insufficient to address the multiple substantial problems associated with this project. Impacts of this project to on-site and adjacent wetlands are understated and must be corrected.


The project’s barge and tug traffic will likely interfere with safety of other commercial and recreational users of the Petaluma, and stacked moored barges will intrude into the Corps’ 100′ navigational channel. This project would require construction and operation of a conveyor belt over twin 12″ PG&E high-pressure gas lines and SMART passenger rail tracks, with potentially disastrous results.
This project’s location, construction and operations will diminish the wetlands and tarnish permanently the allure of Petaluma as a healthy place. It is proposed directly across the Petaluma River from the City’s most popular park, Shollenberger Park, which is visited by over 150,000 people every year.


I urge the USACE to require a full EIS, including formal consultations with US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Marine Fisheries Service, US Coast Guard, California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, California State Lands Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, PG&E and SMART rail, prior to any issuance of permits for the project.



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