Three Twins Ice Cream, Hundreds of Other Groups Call on Congress to Reject DARK Act


Nearly 300 environmental groups, food companies, farming and fishing groups have sent an open letter to the House and Senate leadership, calling on them to reject provisions in the upcoming omnibus appropriations bill that would preempt state GMO (genetically modified organisms) labeling efforts.

The letter was signed by Petaluma’s Three Twins Ice Cream, the Center for Food Safety, Greenpeace, Slow Food USA and many other organizations.

“Nine out of ten American consumers consistently report they want the right to know what’s in their food and how it’s grown –  a right already held by consumers in 64 countries. Yet some Members of Congress want to include a policy rider in the upcoming omnibus bill that would preempt state laws that require disclosure of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in foods,” stated the letter.

Read the full letter here.

Label GMOs




Pamm Larry of California’s LabelGMOs campaign issued this call to action on this issue yesterday:

We are working full time to stop the DARK Act policy rider from being slipped into the omnibus spending bill.  If we are going to win we need to create the most intense grass roots environment we possibly can.  This needs to be the largest grass roots effort our movement has ever seen.   We need to make sure we use all tools at our disposal:  Social media, point and clicks, personal notes, phone calls, Letters to the Editor etc.
Today we launched national GMO labeling Action Week.  But, please know that this will not be over this week.  Be prepared to keep up the intensity through the New Year. Today we are asking folks to write to all their elected officials and share the alert with at least 10 friends When you share, please cut and paste the url in your own email as this system does not like it when we “pay it forward” and it might delete you from the list.
Please use hashtags – #StopDARK #FinalHour
 To learn more about the “DARK Act,” read Anna Roth’s report at Civil Eats, 5 Things To Know About the ‘DARK Act.’


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