Happy Holidays from Oasis Community Farm

A holiday message from one of our favorite farms in Petaluma, Oasis Community Farm, 282 Skillman Lane, Petaluma, CA.

Wayne_Connie at Foundry Festival

Dear Friends of Oasis Farm,

What an amazing, wonderful and awful year; fourth year of drought – the trees are hungry for more moisture in the air, producing less than last year.  Still, Wayne did a remarkable job growing and presenting gorgeous nutritious delicious veggies at three farmers markets till we stopped to build our community barn and farm life.  We are blessed by building the farm, with friends and family, treated to the delight of grandchildren daily.

We are now running a small CSA (community supported agriculture) with our friends the meat providers, Suchernova Farms outside Cotati, and supplying both ourselves and Wayne’s son and family, Arlo, Marina, Anna Bella and Terran with a multitude of incredible edibles, vegetables, fruits and eggs.  What fun to share with you all!

Friends continue to come by to pick up eggs, though often from the counter in the kitchen before they get out to the egg box, so call if you’re concerned there won’t be eggs in the box – the girls are revving up production so there are lots of eggs!

Wayne has nearly completed the exterior of our new barn; it’s interior challenges our imagination! Floor length red velour curtain to set a stage? YES! If I can find such a thing or make it happen.  100 disappearing cushioned chairs? Yes.  Ping-Pong and song?  Shakespeare Reading Room, Costume and Play Room, kitchen and bath are all imagined.

A barn raising party – here’s to a colorful and fun filled future – can’t be far ahead!  You’ll be invited and life on the farm will never be the same nor as quiet.

Peaches were prodigious and delicious this year, apricots nearly absent (wind blew the blossoms off!), pomegranates came into their own and the persimmons are multitudinous!  Fun learning vegan and veggie gourmet cooking with row upon row of kale, broccoli, Swiss chard, leeks, tomatoes, eggplant; you name it, Wayne grows it.

Our chickens have settled in; they’re sweet and compliant, looking for snacks and conversation and we now have 3 cats, Murphy indoors, Vixen and Guy Noir, barn cats, though the kitten, Guy Noir, comes in for a purr and a nap.

Wonderful anticipating Xmas Eve with all (8!) grandchildren and their wonderful parents.  Love to play with the kids; catch up on family stories.  We miss those not with us and are grateful for those at the table.  Food will be traditional and much of it super healthy Oasis Farm food.

Hope this season finds you and yours happy and well and we’d love to visit with you at Oasis Farm when you can come.

Yours, Connie Madden and Wayne Morgenthaler


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