Building Soil Capacity for Carbon Capture – Environmental Forum of Marin Series Jan. 13 & 23



John Wick, Marin Carbon Project bio:

In 2003, John Wick and his wife, Peggy Rathmann, began looking for a way to restore habitat for native grassland birds on their Nicasio Native Grass Ranch. That effort led to co-founding of the Marin Carbon Project in 2007 with Dr. Jeffrey Creque, which has evolved into the keystone of an ambitious but relatively simple plan to restore balance to our planet’s natural carbon pools – plants, oceans and soil. The Governor’s new Healthy Soils Initiative is but one outgrowth of the work of the Marin Carbon Project. More recently, John’s focus has expanded to include, among other things, the study of global carbon circulation models, development of a process to determine what constitutes the highest and best use of organic waste based on place and season, and identification of specific methods of measuring durable soil carbon that came from the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

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