Seed Libraries, Seed Swaps Endangered in California – Your Help Requested

There are about 52 Seed Libraries in California.

AB 2470, the “California Seed Law,” was amended in 2014.  One of the provisions that was slipped in, basically makes Seed Libraries and Seed Swaps illegal in California.  Specifically it says is that if you share seeds with anyone that lives more than 3 miles away from you, you have to register your seeds, get them tested and get a license to exchange them.

Does that sound as absurd to you as it does to me????

We need to change that law.

We’ve been trying to find an author in Sacramento to help us restore Seed Freedom in California but we have not been able to find one yet.  We need your help.

Please call your state Assembly members and Senators and ask them to please author an amendment to restore your right to share and exchange seeds.   If you don’t know your reps, please go here and get their contact information.  Calls take very little time and effort and folks often have opportunity to educate rep’s offices.

If you get a good response, please write me back and I’ll pass that information on to our folks in Sacramento so they can go visit and get this amendment going.

We can do this!!
Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs


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