Help Ban GMO Crop Cultivation in Sonoma County – Signature Gatherers Needed

A message from Organic Consumers Association:

Sonoma County Needs Your Help to Pass a Ban on GMO Crops!

Citizens for Healthy Farms and Families in Sonoma County is working on a citizens’ ballot initiative to ban GMO crops throughout the county. The group has only six more weeks to gather 20,000 signatures if they want to get the initiative on the ballot in November.

They need volunteers to help gather signatures, and donations to help pay for additional professional signature gatherers.

Please make a donation today to help Citizens for Healthy Farms and Families gather enough signatures in time to qualify for a ballot initiative.

Live in the Bay Area? Click here to find out how you can volunteer to help gather signatures.

A GMO crop ban in Sonoma county would connect bans already in place in Mendocino and Marin Counties, adding another link to a GMO Free Zone stretching from Northern California into Oregon (Six California counties, including Humboldt, Trinity, Mendocino, Marin and Santa Cruz, and two Oregon counties, including Jackson and Josephine, have already passed bans.)

Genetically engineered crops and grasses are already threatening organic farms, pastures and vineyard cover crops in Sonoma County. Roundup Ready grasses, slated for use on golf courses and athletic fields, will increase herbicide use. If passed, Sonoma’s GMO Growing Prohibition will protect Sonoma County’s native plants and trees from the transgenic contamination and increased pesticide use, and protect the county’s organic and non-GMO markets.

Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association are holding secret meetings in Washington in order to pass legislation to preempt the right of state and local governments to regulate GMOs. Passing a GMO crop ban in Sonoma County sends a strong message to our federal legislators that we want them to stand up for our right to regulate our food system at the local level.

Help Citizens for Healthy Farms and Families get their GMO Growing Prohibition on the ballot in November! Please make a contribution today.

Live in the Bay Area? Click here to sign up to volunteer to help gather signatures or attend the next volunteer meeting at SOCO Nexus, 1300 Valley House Dr., Rohnert Park, CA on Wednesday, January 27 at 6:30 p.m.

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– Melinda and the OCA team


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