Fresh Eggs from Pastured Petaluma Hens at Oasis Community Farm

Wayne_Connie at Foundry Festival

Wayne Morgenthaler and Connie Madden of Oasis Community Farm

The Raucous Rooster paid a visit to Petaluma Grange VP Connie Madden and partner Wayne Morgenthaler’s Oasis Community Farm yesterday and found them with a surplus of fresh eggs from their flock of pastured chickens.

Oasis normally sells eggs for $7/dozen but the hens have been particularly busy over the winter and for the time being you can pick up a dozen for just $5.

There might be some broccoli, kale, arugula, beets and a few other items of produce available as well, though the farm’s CSA is on hiatus for the winter season.

Ask Connie or Wayne what’s available when you arrive.

Oasis Community Farm is located at 282 Skillman Drive, Petaluma.  You might give Connie a call first at 707-789-9294, but you’re welcome to stop by. There’s an egg box at the farm’s entrance where you can often find eggs for sale on the honor system.

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