Perspectives on the Ecological History and Future of Our Bay — the San Pablo Estuary

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A Presentation by Peter Baye

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 7–9pm, SLT Office, 822 Fifth St., Santa Rosa; Free

Have you ever walked the levees at Sears Point and tried to imagine what this flat, watery wonderland looked like in the past — or how it will look in the future? Do you wonder which animals live here and how they survive? What is it that makes the Sears Point region of San Pablo Bay so unique? And why is it called San Pablo Bay — isn’t it part of San Francisco Bay? Get your questions answered at this free presentation by renowned wetland ecologist Peter Baye. Learn about the vegetation, geology, sea level rise and some of the latest scientific discoveries. This is a rare opportunity to get the inside scoop on why this area is so vital to protect.


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