The 1000 Nonviolence Trainings Project

1000 Nonviolence Trainings

The 1000 Nonviolence Trainings Project is a new and collaborative initiative to connect nonviolence trainings around the world and highlight the tens of thousands of people being trained in nonviolence in service to a more just and peaceful world. We invite you and your organization to join this historic venture!

It is our belief that nonviolence needs to become a more prominent part of mainstream thinking and needs to become as credible in the public’s mind as violence is now. By launching a program that identifies, connects and promotes nonviolence trainings around the world, we believe we can make all of our work more newsworthy, more credible and more attractive to those who have not considered themselves part of a larger nonviolent movement. This effort will also help people find and attend trainings in their area.

Transforming the massive global challenges we face today—including perennial war, racism, poverty, environmental destruction and all forms of violence and injustice—requires powerful movements for change. The 1000 Nonviolence Trainings Project exists to support the preparation, organization and collaboration to build and sustain these movements.

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