Awakening the Movement of Movements by Rivera Sun

Candle vigil via shutterstock

Candle Vigil via Shutterstock

Writes Rivera Sun at Truthout:

“We stand at the brink of extinction and the only thing that can save us is us. We need an inner, outer and utter revolution. Such a massive shift can occur through the awakening of, and participation in, the emergent Movement of Movements.

Here are a few ways to make the shift:

  • Celebrate others’ achievements; the success of one cause is the success of the whole.
  • Support each others’ efforts through solidarity, encouragement, resources, media campaigns, etc.
  • Take time to analyze the interconnections of the movements. Search for untapped strengths and sources of support. Identify pivot points of change and opportunities for other movements to help sway a critical element of your own movement.
  • Talk with each other. Find out how your efforts overlap and look for opportunities for strategic collaboration.

Enjoy the entire piece at Truthout.

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