The Problem with Corporate News Media: Trump & Political Ad Dollars ‘Damn Good for CBS,’ Says CEO

High times for some corporate media corporations, these are. Political ad sales are way up, for example, and CBS CEO Les Moonves has been rather giddy about the financial benefits to that venerable broadcaster.

Speaking at a San Francisco telecom industry conference recently, Moonves had a difficult time containing his enthusiasm for the dollars filling CBS’s coffers these days, thanks to Donald Trump’s antics & the explosion of ad spending, calling them “damn good for CBS.”

“So what can I say?  It’s—you know, the money’s rolling in, and this is fun.”

Follow the link below for the whole scoop by Jim Naureckas of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

The Trump Campaign: Bad for America, but Good for CBS

By Jim Naureckas


Photo by David Shankbone. Wikimedia Commons. CC 3.0

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