California Farm Worker Overtime Bill Moves to Full Assembly

News from the United Farm Workers:

Farm worker overtime bill passes CA Assembly Appropriations Committee. Will move on to full Assembly floor next.

We have exciting breaking news to share with you. The farm worker overtime bill just passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with amendments on a party line vote with 14 Democrats voting “Yes” and 6 Republicans voting “No.” It will move onto the full Assembly floor for a final vote next.

Farm workers are anxious for the proceedings to get underway. They can’t wait for change to come. Pablo Gregorio Espinoza shares with us, “The convention this past weekend excited me. Hearing Lorena Gonzalez speaking was inspiring. She came from our roots and she understands how hard our work is. Now she is fighting for us to get the basic rights. She knows the discrimination we are facing is wrong because she had similar experiences.

“I am thrilled to hear our bill has moved on and the politicians in Sacramento are supporting us. It gives me hope that things will change. That we can get overtime after 8 hours. Farm work is very hard. We work in extreme climates and perform hard and heavy work that nobody wants to do. We feed America. We deserve the same rights as every other worker.”

This is going to be a hard battle. Growers have defeated similar legislation twice before. The first passed the legislature in 2010, but was vetoed by then-Governor Schwarzenegger. The second lost by just a handful of votes in the Assembly in 2012. We need to muster all available resources to win this and will be back in touch shortly with the next steps and how you can help farm workers win the justice that was denied them for so long.

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Read the L.A. Times editorial, May 27, 2016:

Farmworkers are treated unfairly in California. Sacramento has a chance to right that wrong


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