Attend the June 15 BAAQMD Meeting in SF – Demand a Cap on Refinery Emissions!

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Demand a Cap on Refinery Emissions!

Please set aside time to attend this crucial Air District hearing!   Right now there are no limits on Bay Area refinery emissions.  At the next meeting of the Air Quality Management District, June 15 at 9:30am, the Directors will give direction to their staff on what they want included in the new Rule 12-16, which covers toxic and GHG refinery emissions.  We need a huge turnout to encourage the Board to support our Community-Worker Proposal, which calls for enforceable, numeric caps on emissions at each refinery.  We desperately need to establish this baseline regulation, so refineries can’t switch to dirtier tar-sands or explosive Baaken crude and increase production, both of which would increase harmful emissions, endangering our health in the Bay Area and our climate worldwide.  The last thing we need is for the Bay Area to become the “gas station for the world.”

In October 2014 the District Board unanimously adopted a Resolution stating their intention to implement caps, which required that a proposal come from the staff no later than Spring of 2015.  The Resolution can be viewed HERE.  The District Staff have been dragging their feet and calling for more study and delay, which serves the industry not the public.  Our bottom line is that delay is not an option. The caps need to be in place before an expected spike in tar sands comes to Bay Area refineries and before January 2017, when the membership on the Board will change.  We are confident that we now have a Board majority for imposing caps, but there is no guarantee that next year’s new Board will approve them.  At this next hearing the Board must set a timeline, enabling them to vote on the new Rule before the end of this year.  Once caps are in place we will support developing additional rules for further reducing emissions.

We need to demonstrate that there is strong community support for emission caps.  Please sign up to let us know that you will attend.  We will contact you with key “talking points” in advance of June 15.  It is important to arrive at BAAQMD’s new location early on June 15 because the refineries and Western States Petroleum Association will try to pack the hearing room with their supporters.

Below is further background information to help develop your comments to the Board.

One of the best in-depth reporting the Pacific Sun has ever done – all you need to know – in this June 8th story

Core message summarized HERE

Community-Worker Emission Caps Proposal (One-pager with endorsers) HERE

Fracktracker Alliance April 28th report on “How Refineries Make Us Sick”  HERE

Workers’ Union Local 5 Support Letter HERE

June 15, 2016 at 9:30am – 12:30pm
Air District Headquarters
375 Beale St
San Francisco, CA 94105

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