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Glaude vs. Dyson Debate Contains Stark Warning for Clinton Supporters: No to To Trump, But Business As Usual Is Over

In the most compelling debate we’ve seen thus far on the democratic dilemma we face, a conversation which covered Hillary & Trump, race, the captured black vote, corporate Democrats, American Exceptionalism and much more, Princeton professor of African-American Studies Eddie Glaude made it clear that yes indeed, we must stop Donald Trump. However, Glaude emphasized…

The Great Food Blackout of 2016: How the Presidential Election Ignored the Most Vital Ingredient to Human Survival

The early results of the food movement’s campaign to make certain issues relating to a sustainable and resilient food and ag system are addressed this campaign season are not good. Read author Christopher D. Cook’s (Diet for a Dead Planet) take on the current state of the food movement conversation – three months shy of…

The Debt Treadmill for Chicken Farmers

Raising chickens is not what it used to be, as debt-laden farmers have been attempting to tell us for some years now; Carole Morrison, featured in Food Inc., comes to mind, as does Craig Watts, a former contract producer for Purdue, who blew the whistle on industry practices in 2014.

Take a look at the Rural Advancement Foundation International’s (RAFI) new infographic about the plight of contract poultry producers, then wander over to RAFI’s webpage to view Sally Lee’s detailed analysis, What Debt in Chicken Farming Says About American Agriculture.

debt treadmill chicken farmers

Farmers’ Organic Seed Group Dumps Organic Trade Assoc. Membership Over Monsanto-Backed GMO Bill

Press Release from the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association: ORGANIC FARMER GROUP Dumps ORGANIC TRADE ASSOCIATION OSGATA Cites Betrayal Over Monsanto-Backed GMO LABELING BILL Washington, ME, July 13, 2016   By a unanimous vote of its Board of Directors, the organic farmer-controlled Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) has withdrawn its membership from…

Greening the Revolution – Watch the Complete Film

A high-definition documentary explores the far-reaching effects of international food injustice, from world hunger to the consumption of industrial food. Using food as a symbol of inequality, we explain and expose the corrupt cycle of globalization that perpetuates systems of poverty and oppressive social control. We then present hope: successful, sustainable communities achieving food justice and freedom through the power of the people.

Filmed in India, Kenya, Zambia, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the United States.