Petaluma Planning Commissioner Bill Wolpert Runs for City Council

Petaluma Planning Commissioner Bill Wolpert kept local progressives waiting until the Friday August 12 deadline before jumping into the race for Petaluma City Council.

Wolpert – an architect by trade – has developed a solid reputation for longterm & thoughtful consideration of where the City of Petaluma should be headed in terms of development policy, and how to get there.

For a lengthy conversation between Wolpert, ecologist Ned Orrett, Mayor Glass, Teresa Barrett and John Crowley, watch Kaye Chandler’s excellent discussion here.

Read on for Wolpert’s press release and a brief bio.

Current Petaluma Councilmembers Mike Healy, Kathy Miller and Gabe Kearney are running for re-election to the council.

Bill Wolpert pr


Screenshot of Bill Wolpert’s bio on the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Directory page.

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