Maguire Reminds Councilmembers About the Petaluma Bike Plan

Former Petaluma City Councilmember Matt Maguire penned a letter to the current members of the Council last month which deserves a wider audience.


Former Petaluma Councilman Matt Maguire (right) with Jim Hightower at the 2014 Progressive Festival

Maguire, a popular local progressive, wrote to the Council in advance of its September 12 meeting about two items on its agenda, including the rezoning of four lots (three vacant and one developed) in the 300 block of Lakeville Ave, near D Street.

He also wrote to comment on the City Council’s deference to Basin Street Properties, and that developer’s desire to avoid building a small stretch of the city’s bike path infrastructure as a condition of approval of its Marina Apartments project.

Of particular interest to us here at RR was the following passage, because several City Councilmembers, most notably Kathy Miller and Gabe Kearney, have repeatedly sought to downplay and dismiss the significance of the piece of bike path in question due to its size and lack of connection to an existing path:



Maguire’s entire letter is worth a look though, as he touches upon many other issues of concern to all Petalumans – including walkability and the future of the busy Lakeville St/D Street intersection.




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