Phone Bank for Measure M – Protect Family Farms from GMO Contamination

yes-on-mA Message from Pamm Larry and the Yes on M Campaign:

In an article in the Press Democrat weeks ago, the Sonoma County Farm Bureau said they were not going to launch an opposition campaign to Measure M.

Guess what?  Well…as usual, they “misrepresented” themselves.

They just opened a PAC with virtually the same name as ours.

Sonoma County is readying itself for the carpet bomb campaign of commercials that “misrepresent” Measure M.  All hands on deck for those who thought labeling was a waste of time and we needed to just focus on GMO Free Zones to join us and help get this passesd!!

No matter where you live we need YOUR help making calls TODAY and until the election! If you live in or near Sonoma County, we need help walking precincts to get the truth out there personally.

We need to talk to voters so they have info to counter the “misrepresentations” that will be abounding soon.

We need to call farmers, many of whom, we are hearing, don’t know about Measure M or are confused about it already.

We need to inoculate them against the “misinformation” that’s already in the Official Voter Guide.

Will you help us be a truthful, louder, more personal voice for us, than their TV ads and mailers will be?

Go to and sign up to make calls and talk personally with your friends, neighbors and folks who care about uncontaminated food to get the truth out before Big Ag “misrepresents” Measure M!!

It doesn’t matter where you live…phone banking is done from the comfort of your living room and a computer.

With YOUR help, we CAN win to make Sonoma fill in the gap of a contiguous five county, 13,734 square mile GMO Free Growing Zone!

Thanks for joining us!

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