Matt Maguire’s Voter Guide

For many Petalumans – particularly those with progressive political inclinations – former Petaluma Councilman Matt Maguire’s ballot recommendations have proved an invaluable reference.

Maguire prefaced his recommendations with this message:

“For those of us who have some trust issues with Hillary Clinton, know that she has already made progressive concessions because of Bernie Sanders, and she will be a lot more rational about making more changes when pressured by the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie and Robert Reich than Trump could ever be. And be prepared to send regular messages to the White House once she’s in there: we have a responsibility to continue to build on the progressive movement Bernie built. The propositions are many and confusing, so if you have questions or want more information, I’ll be happy to comply, time permitting. Same with all the offices. Just email me.”


matt-maguire-election-picks-2View Matt Maguire’s election picks in pdf form

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