Chomsky & Nader on Following the ISIS Playbook, Climate Change & the Risk of Nuclear War

Here’s one of the more fun, fascinating conversations we’ve heard in some time, between Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour on October 8. Click here to listen to the entire program. You may also download it to listen at your convenience.

Among the commentary was this, from Chomsky, regarding our remarkable affinity for breeding more terrorists, in part by terrorizing civilian populations:

It’s almost as if we’ve been following the Al Qaeda playbook, which is public incidentally. They made it public a long time ago, and ISIS picked it up and has a similar one – exactly what their strategy is. It’s as if we’ve been following it point by point, doing exactly what they want. They want us to be drawn into a major war against the entire Muslim world at great cost to ourselves, achieving nothing except more conflict and disaster. And pretty much that’s what we’ve been doing. – Noam Chomsky

And this, on the GOP’s remarkable response to impending crises:

Let’s come to the present. We’re in the midst of another electoral extravaganza every four years.

There are critical issues, absolutely critical issues – the most significant questions that have ever arisen in the history of the human species. Questions literally of survival.

One is nuclear war, the other is climate change. Let’s simply ask, how often do these issues come up in the political discussions or in the commentary about the political issues?

What you discuss is you know, vulgarities, trivialities. These things simply don’t arise. So what should the public think? They’re deluged with commentary on an ongoing political, actually extravaganza – it’s supposed to be serious, but it’s pretty hard to take it seriously, and the two major issues in human history barely receive a mention. So people are confused. They don’t know.

In fact in the the United States unfortunately there are other problems. The United States is, the public is to some extent concerned about these issues, not anywhere near as much as it should be, and in fact less than in other countries, and there are many reasons for this, which have to do with all kinds of American exceptionalism, if you like. But the most remarkable fact, astonishing fact, even more amazing that it’s not reported, is that one of the two political parties, the Republican Party, is literally dedicated to destruction of organized life on Earth.

That may sound extreme, but think about it for a minute, in the primaries every single candidate denied that global warming is taking place. There was one exception [actually], the supposed moderate, John Kasich, who said “yes, it’s taking place, but let’s not do anything about it,” which is arguably even worse. – Noam Chomsky

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