San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters Guide 2016

Here’s yet another voter guide that has grown a following in recent years to add to our collection.

Who is the San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters?


“We’re a bunch of political geeks in a torrid but troubled love affair with San Francisco. We’re blessed to live in America’s most progressive city, but we’re cursed to live in a city where most of the youth who grow up here can’t afford to live here. Frisco has its own dark history of injustice: redevelopment, environmental racism, the “old boys” network. The League has published 18 consecutive voter guides. It is how we educate our friends and peers on the issues, excite pissed off progressive voters, and remind sellout politicians that we’re paying attention. All of us lucky enough to enjoy the San Francisco magic owe it to our City to fight to keep it diverse, just, and healthy. What are you doing to make a difference?”

View their voting guide online here. Or view it in a printable, downloadable pdf.

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