Post-Election Squawk – Time to Get to Work

Photoshop wiz Tahira Mirza's (@tahiramirza1) fabulous depiction of Rick Wilson's "Cheeto Jesus"

Photoshop wiz Tahira Mirza’s (@tahiramirza1) fabulous depiction of Rick Wilson’s “Cheeto Jesus”

Here at the Raucous Rooster we were absolutely convinced that we would have our work cut out for us with a President Clinton. Surely a hawkish Democrat, beholden to Wall Street financiers was not the answer to any of the problems so many of us have been articulating; problems largely created by our own militarism and generations of corporate-friendly policies.

President Donald J. Trump, however, represents a much greater challenge, very different in character.

Just imagine for a moment – somewhere out there in an alternative universe Bernie Sanders may have just given his acceptance speech. What could have been!

Will the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party make a concerted effort to learn from this historic defeat, or will they ignore those lessons – bitter pill to swallow, they may be – and make this entirely about Trump, his “basket of deplorables” and James Comey.

I raise the question because as it now stands, the DNC’s determination to marginalize Bernie Sanders and maneuver Hillary Rodham Clinton into the White House appears to be a misreading of the public’s rage over our corrupt establishment and the status quo an error or epic proportions.

Unfortunately, Trump will now be in command of the largest military force on the planet, in addition to a vast national security & surveillance apparatus which has been institutionalized by the Obama Administration. It seems highly unlikely that Trump will be inclined to used this apparatus less than the current occupant of the White House.

On the plus side, we did finally legalize recreational marijuana in California, which will make the task ahead of us more palatable for some.

Time to get organizing.

Election night commentary from Van Jones & Stephen Colbert:


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