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A must-read for those still looking for answers for Donald’s move to the White House. We look forward to reading Ms. Chrisman’s forthcoming work on the 1980s farm crisis – RR.

For many angry rural voters, Donald Trump is fueling a fire that started with the farm crisis of the 1980s.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-41-30-amOctober 27, 2016

by Siena Chrisman. Published at Civil Eats.

Rural America is mad. We’re hearing from people in places like West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania who are fed up with the government, the economy, the “establishment,” and taking out their anger at Trump rallies.

While the coverage is new, the anger is not. Donald Trump is today’s release valve, the latest in a line that has included the anti-government and militia movements, drug epidemics, and the Tea Party. This year’s support for Trump, of course, goes far beyond rural voters. A recent New York Times analysis finds support for Trump is strongest in places where “white identity mixes with long-simmering economic dysfunctions,” cutting across other traditional political lines.

But what has too long been overlooked is how much of that economic dysfunction—and the anger it has caused—goes back to the dissolution of the family farm.

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