So Long G&G – Another Indie Grocer Bites the Dust


Cute or ominous? Is the FrankenApple created to mark this indie/corporate grocer marriage whimsical marketing or a warning of things to come?

Petaluma lost its last independent, full-service supermarket recently, with the sale of G&G Supermarkets to Safeway, which was announced October 27.

The company’s two locations – Santa Rosa and Sonoma Mountain Parkway, Petaluma – will become Safeway stores by the end of the year.

While we are delighted that the staff of G&G will retain their jobs, we mourn the loss of a unique and popular local business which had a significant and lasting impact in the community.

There were a great many things about G&G’s Petaluma locale that we’ll miss:

  • An unparalleled Asian food aisle, including six varieties of Furikake (!) and a wide selection of rice noodles for those occasions when chow fun alone just won’t do.
  • Their commitment to support and prominently feature local food producers at reasonable prices.
  • The outstanding value they provided to customers despite being a small, two-store operation – they often beat Petaluma’s chain stores on a wide variety of items.

This time of year in particular, we truly loved the access to extraordinarily fresh Dungeness crab, right off the boats from Bodega Bay and always at at reasonable price. G&G has been an integral part of our Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday traditions since their Petaluma locale first opened in 2000. It’s larger Santa Rosa store first opened in 1963.

Many thanks to the Gong family for their years of community service.

We sure would love to see Steve Maass and company expand their popular Oliver’s Markets to the Petaluma area someday.

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