Community Alliance with Family Farmers and the Farmer’s Guild Join Forces

Evan Wiig delivered some very exciting news last week, announcing that two exceptional family farm and sustainable agriculture advocacy organizations – the Farmer’s Guild and the Community Alliance with Family Farms – will be joining forces. Read on for Wiig’s announcement. – RR

Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and Farmers Guild Merge to Create United Voice for California Family Farmers & Sustainable Agriculture

January 12, 2017

Big news! Today we’re excited to announce the merger of Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) and the Farmers Guild. This merger allows us to combine efforts, membership and our respective strengths to create one robust organization that gives a stronger, more united voice for family farms and sustainable agriculture throughout California.

We hope the youthful energy and grassroots organizing that has made the Farmers Guild a success will infuse CAFF with a more direct, on-the-ground presence, building bridges between an older generation of agriculture and a newer crop of farmers. Meanwhile, CAFF brings to our Farmers Guild community deep roots in California food and ag as well as a valuable suite of resources and services designed to help our farmers thrive.

CAFF has been working with and advocating for California family farmers and sustainable agriculture for nearly 40 years, and by connecting farmers to schools and other organizations, their nonprofit helps growers coordinate their product with buyers, ensuring that supply and demand grow together. Through its initiatives, CAFF has increased access to and awareness around eating healthy and local while also strengthening family farms — the cornerstone of healthy and economically viable communities.

The Farmers Guild was founded five years ago and has seen dramatic community growth, particularly with new farmers. By encouraging, inspiring and celebrating the resilience of local agriculture, the Farmers Guild has quickly built a network of community alliances across Northern California. Now with 11 local guild chapters, including the recent addition of the first Southern California chapter in San Diego, the Farmers Guild has connected countless farmers and ranchers through its events, social media and sharing of practical resources, from farmer to farmer and guild to guild. These local Guilds will continue after the merger with even more support and resources at their disposal.

The Farmers Guild’s fourth annual Farmers Guild-Raising event on February 18, will serve as the official public celebration of this merger. The event brings together farmers, ranchers and local food advocates who collectively share skills, explore hot topics in sustainable agriculture, and work to build a united voice on behalf of family farms. This year’s “Intergenerational Exchange” theme will showcase the cross-generational benefit of this collaboration, and the event will conclude with awards, presentations and a public commemoration at the always-popular Agrarian Lovers Ball. We hope to see you there!


Please be in touch with any questions or feedback, as we’d love to hear from you. And to all those who helped grow the Farmers Guild from the ground up and to all those who’ve kept CAFF going strong after all these years, thank you.

Evan Wiig & Diane Del Signore



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