The Anti-Inauguration: Building Resistance in the Trump Era – A Free E-Book

Writes Jacobin magazine:

Just a few hours after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, a thousand people joined Jacobin, Verso Books, and Haymarket Books at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, DC, for “The Anti-Inauguration,” a night of discussion on how Donald Trump came to win the election, how we can resist him, and what kind of future we should be fighting for. The line to get in stretched down an alley and around the block; people were actually outside scalping tickets for a free socialist event.

The night featured speeches from Naomi Klein, Jeremy Scahill, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Anand Gopal, and Owen Jones. Their speeches are collected in The Anti-Inauguration: Building resistance in the Trump era, a free ebook from Jacobin, Verso, Haymarket.


Read Em Cytrynbaum‘s take on the evening via Verso Books’ blog:

The Anti-Inauguration: Why Trump won, what he’ll do, and how we can fight him.

While many of us are still reeling from Donald Trump’s unlikely presidential victory in November, best-selling author Naomi Klein argues that it is precisely during times of shock — the disorientation that follows a disastrous event for which we have no preexisting narrative — that we are most vulnerable to interests that would exploit our need for answers. Our first step, Klein contends, is to find our footing, find our narrative, and find the common threads that connect our movements.

On January 20th, Klein, Anand Gopal, Jeremy Scahill, Owen Jones, and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor joined over a thousand people at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington D.C. for The Anti-Inauguration, co-hosted by Verso, Jacobin, and Haymarket Books; a discussion about strategies for resisting Trump and visions for radical political change.

Klein began by calling on liberals and leftists to see the Trump administration for what it is: “a takeover of the federal government by corporate America, the ultimate privatization, neoliberalism’s final frontier.” In both domestic and foreign policy, as Anand Gopal later argues in his remarks, Trump represents to an unprecedented degree the corruption of the American government.

And make no mistake, founding editor of The Intercept, Jeremy Scahill tells the crowd, what we are up against are fascists: fascists who have inherited Bush and Obama era policies that legitimize assassination, militarize the police, and sanction islamophobia.

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Watch a video of this evening’s presentations here.

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