Coal & Appalachia – 150 Years of False Promise. Maria Gunnoe Urges You to Go See Blood on the Mountain

Appalachia has been treated like the Third World of the U.S. for far too long. Since the end of the Civil War, the region has seen its natural resources extracted and sold, with all the profits shipped elsewhere. Its landscape has been radically scarred, leaving its streams polluted, its people sickened and killed, disposable to a mining industry which treats its workers and their dependents as just another tool. Its people have been impoverished by a century and a half of underdevelopment and underinvestment in its communities, leaving the locals dependent upon the exceedingly ungenerous care of coal companies.

All that coal fueled the rapid industrial growth of the United States in the late 19th Century and early 20th, radically altering the course of human history.

It’s high time to repay our debt to the region, particularly now that we are aware that continuing to burn the stuff will destroy our human habitat, and the coal industry in terminal decline.

Please watch this compelling documentary, Blood on the Mountain, and support its Kickstarter outreach campaign. This film is an exceptional educational tool, with the possibility to inform and enlighten a population clamoring for change.

Visit the Blood on the Mountain website for more information.

“The movie is practically a textbook about how ravenous corporations and feckless government can strip-mine the souls of workers, and replace them with a political narrative about their problems that keeps reality forever hidden behind a fine, dusty fog.”— Los Angeles Times

Blood on the Mountain will be available on DVD or digital stream online on February 21.

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