Careful drawing conclusions about Russian contacts with Trump & interference in the U.S. election, former CIA/State Dept counterterrorism official warns

The need to resist Trump and all he stands for is paramount. However, let us not forget that there are a significant number of very powerful and influential people who appear to desire a Cold War 2.0 with Russia. Some are openly calling for a coup d’etat to depose Trump.

On the Feb. 17 show, Rising Up With Sonali, Sonali Kolhatkar digs deeper with former CIA officer and State Department Counterterrorism official, Larry Johnson, in an effort to understand the forces at work in the resignation scandal of former National Security Adviser to President Trump, Michael Flynn.


On Valentine’s Day, infamous NeoConservative William Kristol joined a growing list of vocal advocates for a deep state coup to overthrow Trump.

We must oppose Trump while protecting our democracy.


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