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Petaluma Residents Insist It Won’t Happen Here, Demand City Officials Follow Their Lead

One of the largest crowds ever seen by city staff gathered in the Petaluma City Council chambers on Monday, February 6, 2017, leaving many members of the public standing and packed in tight all the way around the chambers’ interior walls, the overflow crowd spilling out of the chambers and down the hall. It was…

We Need Keith Ellison as DNC Chair – a Message from Progressive Democrats of America

Will the Democratic Party lead the resistance to Trump and stand at the forefront of the populist revolt currently brewing, or will we be forced to abandon it altogether as we build the truly democratic and sustainable communities and nation so many of us seek? On February 23 the party will choose its new leadership,…

Coal & Appalachia – 150 Years of False Promise. Maria Gunnoe Urges You to Go See Blood on the Mountain

Appalachia has been treated like the Third World of the U.S. for far too long. Since the end of the Civil War, the region has seen its natural resources extracted and sold, with all the profits shipped elsewhere. Its landscape has been radically scarred, leaving its streams polluted, its people sickened and killed, disposable to…

Constituents Force a Sen. Whitehouse (D-RI) Promise to Aggressively Oppose Trump Nominees & Policies

Democratic and Republican members of Congress are getting considerable flack from constituents early in the Trump era.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island discovered recently that his constituents were none too pleased by his “yes” vote for Mike Pompeo as President Donald Trump’s Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Read the Brown Daily Herald’s report on the event here.

Norman Solomon on KPFA: Time for the People to Raise Hell & Force Our Representatives to Follow

War Made Easy author, activist and media critic Norman Solomon, a West Marin resident, encouraged activists and all Americans interested in resisting President Donald Trump’s brand of neo-fascism to raise some hell and don’t bother waiting for the Democrats to lead the way, in conversation with KPFA The Sunday Show host Philip Maldari on February…

That Day in Bowling Green

Remembering that day in Bowling Green, an event so tragic & horrific we’d nearly erased it from our collective national memory. Special thanks to Kellyanne Conway for preventing this tragedy from disappearing into the dustbin of history.
“That Day in Bowling Green” performed by Nick and Gabe, written by Dave Stinton.

For those moved to do more, consider donating at The Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund.