Good Riddance Roger Ailes, Builder of One of the Most Formidable Propaganda Machines in History

Ailes Mourned in Palm Beach, Florida Service

Roger Ailes – the television mastermind who fell hard for with Richard M. Nixon backstage on the set of the Mike Douglas Show in 1967 and went on to change the world as the founder of Fox News in 1996 – died last week.

Apparently there were those who mourned his loss, if news reports from (Fox News contributor) Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette are to be believed.

According to writer Kathryn Blackhurst, “Ailes’ wife, Elizabeth, and his son, Zachary, [were] joined by several Fox News hosts and contributors, including LifeZette Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Bill Hemmer, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Angela McGowen, Dr. Manny Alvarez,  and retired U.S. Army Gen. Jack Keane. Radio host Rush Limbaugh was also in attendance with his wife, Kathryn.”

Fox News contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle (also known in the Bay Area as the former Mrs. Gavin Newsom) remembered Ailes at the memorial service as a “champion of women.”

Apparently Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly, two Fox television personalities who had recently accused Ailes of sexual harassment, were not in attendance.

The week before being forced out of his position as head of Fox News in July of 2016, news reports suggested at least a dozen women had reported being sexually harassed by Ailes over a 25 year period.

Ailes’ 17 year old son, Zachary “pledged to clear his father’s name,” according to LifeZette, and may have recently been watching the film, Tombstone, if his memorable remarks are some indication.

“I want all the people who betrayed my father to know that I’m coming after them, and hell is coming with me.”

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi concluded that Ailes “never had a soul to sell, so he sold ours. It may take 50 years or a century for us to recover. Even dictators rarely have that kind of impact. Enjoy the next life, you monster.” Read Taibbi’s full piece, Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever.

Read Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting co-founder Jeff Cohen’s adieu to Ailes, Roger Ailes: No One Did More to Debase US Politics.

For more background on Ailes’ rise, read Tim Dickinson’s 2011 report, also from Rolling Stone, How Roger Ailes Built the Fox News Fear Factory.

Ailes’s mixed legacy:

  • Built the most successful right-wing propaganda machine in modern history
  • Was a serial abuser of women
  • But hey, he provided great career advice, according to Rachel Maddow.

For still more background on Rupert Murdoch’s agenda with Fox News, watch Robert Greenwald’s Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism in its entirety below.

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