State Senator Bill Dodd Receives an ‘F’ from the Courage Campaign

From the Courage Campaign:

The Hall of Shame includes the legislators most out of step with their constituents, and most closely aligned with corporate and special interests that exploit the people of California. To make the list, a legislator needs to receive an F and demonstrate a voting record that does not represent the progressive will of their district. Read more about the methodology

Bill Dodd is back in the Hall of Shame again, after receiving an F grade for a voting record that rejects progressive values, despite serving a relatively progressive district. Inexplicably, he repeatedly voted against criminal justice reform, environmental protections, worker’s rights, and racial justice. Dodd’s votes reject the will of his district in favor of regressive policies on almost every front.

For starters, Dodd’s votes contributed to the failures of three very important Democratic bills that would have advanced the needs of many Californians. Fair pay for workers on Thanksgiving (AB 67)? Dodd voted against. Disclosure of toxic ingredients in household cleaning products (AB 708)? Dodd voted against. Voting rights for non-violent, low-level felons (AB 2466)? Dodd voted against. When critical progressive legislation receives a vote, Dodd votes against, against, against.

On criminal justice, Dodd’s district, AD04, voted for reform and on behalf of racial justice, allowing parole consideration for non-violent felons (67% on Prop 57 in 2016). What did Dodd do when given the chance to support more humane, constructive approaches to criminal justice? He voted against protecting adults from unlawful gang databases (AB 2298) and voted against decriminalizing prostitution for minors who have been trafficked (SB 1322). In an area where his district wanted to see progressive reform, Bill Dodd failed them.

Dodd’s district, which covers all of Napa County and some of Sonoma County, depends heavily on the labors of farm workers. But Bill Dodd voted against fair overtime pay for farm workers (AB 1066). Agriculture in Dodd’s district also depends on an abundance of water to power the region’s wine industry. But Dodd voted against improving water conservation (SB 7). And the future of Dodd’s district will depend on a healthy, sustainable environment. But Dodd abstained — didn’t even cast a vote — on setting a climate pollution reduction target for 2030 (SB 32). Repeatedly, Dodd votes against the interests of the very people who send him to Sacramento.

While in the race to become Senator, Dodd claimed that he would work with progressive Democrats to push their priorities through. We hope he represents his district better as a Senator than he did as an Assemblymember.

Visit the Courage Campaign’s website to view their full Hall of Shame.

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