Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

The Pentagon Budget is Only Part of the Picture

There should be much more discussion about where our scarce financial resources are being used, so I was delighted to see the missile chart below on Facebook earlier, dramatically contrasting our military budget with how much we have left to devote to a few other things, such as health, education and housing.

Created by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, it’s a useful conversation starter, but it requires much more clarification, as “Militarism & War” is narrowly defined so as to mean the Pentagon’s proposed budget. A more accurate depiction might display a missile over twice its height.

The Pentagon budget does not show the full picture of our military expenditures.

A full accounting of those expenditures must include much that is not in the Pentagon budget: veteran’s benefits, 80% of the interest on the national debt, the DOE’s nuclear weapons budget, half of NASA’s budget, significant portions of the CIA budget and parts of Homeland Security & State Department budgets, and more.

For a true picture of our military budget, take a peak at the annual War Resisters League pie chart for fiscal year 2018 down below. You can find the War Resisters League online here

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