Petaluma Vigil: Love is Stronger than the KKK (and Nazis) – Saturday, August 19

Photo courtesy of Amy Humz

Vigil: Love is Stronger than the KKK (and Nazis)

When:  Saturday, August 19 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Where: EAST side of Petaluma at the corner of North McDowell and East Washington
We gather to resist Trump and our nation’s creep toward fascism. We gather in honor of peaceful protestor Heather Heyer, and all who have been murdered, raped and tortured in the name of white supremacy. We gather to show that love for our neighbors of all creeds, colors and genders is stronger than the irrational, fear-based violence of white supremacists. Please join us in support of love, tolerance and diversity.
Note: this vigil is on the EAST side of Petaluma at a large intersection. Please bring signs with big bold lettering so they can be seen by passing drivers.

We advocate creative, non-violent solutions to the neo-fascist threat. If you are able please support the efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center in identifying and tracking white supremecist leaders and activities. You might consider donating in the name of a friend or a child who cares about our future but may not have the means to contibute fnancially.

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