Calls for a National Strike in Honduras, While Authorities Proceed with Electoral Theft

Social Movements in Honduras Call for National Strike

Guidelines for the strike. See below for an English translation.

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An English translation of the strike notice above, provided by Telesur:

Guidelines For General Strike

1- Non-violent Nature of Direct Action: Identify and give up to the authorities any and all that join an occupation and proceeds to carry out vandalism or looting.

2- Preferential PassagePrioritize pregnant women in labor, seniors, children and the sick. If occupations happen in highways, boulevards or high traffic zones, these people must be allowed through in cases of extreme need or in ambulances.

3- Active and Assertive Communication With PoliceSpeak to authorities, if conditions are given, to explain to them the nature of the occupations. Their orders are the evict, but the National Police has given their word that they won’t repress. We must appeal to this treatment. Record at all times this communication.

4- Circles of Surveillance and Self ProtectionAssign persons to be in charge of security, to be aware of the presence of possible infiltrators, police profiling individuals, people acting suspiciously while taking pictures and possible shock groups. Is important that all those participating in an occupation know about each other, exchange phone numbers and maintain constant communication. Send a list of each person in an occupation to a human rights observer.

5- Do Not Give In To ProvocationsMilitary police are not trained to engage in dialogue or to prevent situations. If there is no National Police, prioritize the security of those engaged in the occupation. Be prudent and maintain rational order.

6- Do Not Take Children Or Seniors To An OccupationIn case of eviction or repression since they are the most physically vulnerable. In case of having adolescents active in the occupation be aware of them while creating trusted groups.

7- Respect Private PropertyBuilding heritage must be kept intact as much as possible, to avoid divisions among ourselves deepening, and to avoid repressive actions against us.

8- Internal CommunicationMaintain at all times active publications of what is happening with the occupations, register odd activity by external agents, upload photos, videos and audios of each moment if possible to social media. Have the phone numbers of collaborator and journalists handy.

9- Mass MediaSubmit suspect material to mass media outlets that are in cooperation with the strike. Denounce and apply pressure on those journalists that are not reporting the facts of the occupations. Do not provoke pro-government journalists.

10- Escape Routes And WithdrawalHave predetermined escape routes or tactical ones ready in case of repression, as well as supplies such as: Water, vinegar, food, shelter supplies, etc. Do not waste energy in pointless violent actions.

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