FCC’s Mignon Clyburn Offers Helpful Edits to Chair Ajit Pai’s Net Neutrality Proposal

Image courtesy of Mignon Clyburn

Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has helpfully proposed some simple edits to Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to end Net Neutrality. Pai’s proposal is likely to be approved by the FCC on Thursday, and would be a major gift to the largest telecom providers in the country, including Pai’s former employer, Verizon, at the expense of the citizenry and our common good.

Removing most of Pai’s proposal, Clyburn’s alternative states that “After further review of the record, we affirm the 2015 Open Internet Order.”

Continue reading below Clyburn’s tweet for her two page fact sheet on Net Neutrality. Read the fact sheet in PDF.


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