Last Chance to Support Local Compost – Write Sonoma County Waste Management Agency Today, Help Reduce GHG Emissions & Mitigate Climate Change

If you support our Sonoma County climate change goals and efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the local level, the Petaluma Community Guild and Raucous Rooster invite you to write the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency today in support of local municipal compost.

Will Bakx and Alan Siegle, the two Sonoma County residents behind Renewable Sonoma, have a solid plan from which we would all benefit. Read on for a message from Bakx, desirable qualities in a compost operation from the Community Alliance for Family Farmers/The Farmers Guild, and more information on Renewable Sonoma.  We know Mr. Bakx and his partner to be exceptional environmental stewards, absolutely dedicated to the production of exceptionally high quality compost right here in Sonoma County, to keeping all those trucks hauling green waste out of the county off the road and providing the lower cost benefits of locally-produced compost to farmers, schools and gardeners.

Please ask the SCWMA to accept their staff’s recommendation that Renewable Sonoma be awarded the commercial compost operation contract for the proposed Llano Road site.


Emails should be sent to SCWMA Executive Director Patrick Carter at


The Petaluma Community Guild, formerly Petaluma Grange #851, received the message below from our longtime friend and member, Will Bakx, Senior Soil Scientist and CEO of Renewable Sonoma on June 26, 2018.

It has been a while we have connected with the Guild, but all the work may have paid off.

We thank you for the interest, feedback and support we have received from you regarding our proposed compost project.  It has helped us tremendously in keeping our compass aligned to the highest good for the County.

The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency (SCWMA) staff and review committee have unanimously recommended that Renewable Sonoma be selected as the future municipal organics processing and composting company in Sonoma County. Renewable Sonoma has proposed a state of the art, renewable energy and composting facility to be co-located adjacent to the Laguna Treatment Plant on Llano Road, in Santa Rosa.

Let me introduce to you our team that will implement this program in addition to Sonoma Compost.  SUEZ, an international company with extensive experience in organics management and anaerobic digestion for green energy production; reBio, a Petaluma based renewable energy developer; SCS, a national engineering company with a local office in Santa Rosa; and ECS, a Seattle based company that provides technology for state of the art Aerated Static Pile compost systems.  We have worked for many years on this project and are confident that we can implement a model facility that is efficient and meets the highest environment standards.

We will continue the tradition of Sonoma Compost by providing a diverse line of products that our community has come to rely upon. By joining with SUEZ and reBio, and assisted by SCS, we will be a much stronger company to reliably provide these and other services to Sonoma County for the long term and allow Sonoma County to regain control of its organics resources and ability to comply with regulations.

In addition to composting, Renewable Sonoma included a renewable energy component to the facility. About 40% of the green can and all commercial food scraps will be processed in an anaerobic digestion plant to produce over 1 MW of green energy. The digestate (processed organics coming out of the anaerobic plant) is then composted together with yard debris into a high-quality soil amendments.

Renewable Sonoma will help the County of Sonoma and its Cities meet greenhouse gas reduction targets, as well as comply with stringent new regulations that require at least 75% of organic materials to be diverted from landfills. There is a multi-year process still ahead for state and local permitting, as well as having the municipalities of Sonoma County direct their organic materials to the project.

We are thrilled to have risen to the top after rigorous review by the SCWMA.  We will be working with the Board and Staff of SCWMA and the City of Santa Rosa in the months ahead towards developing a state of the art compost facility and together with a clean, renewable energy plant.

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future so we can tell you more about our project than we were able to do while in competition to be selected and about the path forward to bring this important project for Sonoma County to fruition.  I want to personally thank you for the support you have given us and hope that we will continue to earn your support.

Thank you,

Will Bakx

CEO, Soil Scientist


Why Renewable Sonoma?

  • They emphasize building high-quality soil amendment products for their customers, as opposed to merely diverting green wast from the landfill.
  • Renewable Sonoma is owned by Sonoma Compost, former operator of the compost facility at the central landfill site.
  • They have a long history of supporting composting education, local farmers and gardeners, school gardens programs, community waste-diversion and zero waste efforts.
  • Their proposal includes an anaerobic digester that will generate electricity from green waste via natural gas generation.
  • They are excellent environmental stewards.
  • The have a long history of working with local farmers and have extensive knowledge of the local composting market.



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