The 2019 National Heirloom Exposition is Happening Through Thursday Sept. 12

Greetings from the Raucous Rooster’s abode at an undisclosed Oak Hill henhouse, for which we have been scrambling to pay the bankers. It’s a certainty that no-one is completely insulated from the rising costs of housing in the North Bay, not even the chicks we’re famous for in Petaluma. Lots more to come as we get back to the business of community-oriented journalism that recognizes that all living things are a part of our community.

First things first, we are smack-dab in the middle of the ninth annual National Heirloom Exposition, courtesy of Jere Gettle, the Seed Bank and the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds folks. On today’s speaker schedule [and we’ll admit the speakers are the primary attraction around here, but there’s much more on the schedule to be found here and here]: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Vandana Shiva, and Bob McFarland on the fossil-fuel and environmentally friendly foodshed we can achieve in the next decade; plus an update from attorney Brent Wisner and GMO specialist Jeffrey Smith on the ongoing Monsanto cases illuminating some of the most remarkable and destructive corporate criminality of our time. See you at the Expo – RR.

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