A Gallery of the Grotesque – Coup D’États and Gruesome Views at the End of Trump, Courtesy of Mr. Fish

While we debate the question of whether the blatantly undemocratic and authoritarian maneuverings of President Donald J.Trump to stay in power qualify as an attempted coup d’etat, here at the Raucous Rooster we’re busily preparing to focus on other things besides the failed administration of our sociopathic narcissist and reality tv star in the White House.

Trump’s attempts to avoid the eviction notice the American people gave him on November 3, 2020 will not succeed, but it’s important to have that discussion over the use of the word, as the commonly abbreviated label of ‘coup’ has extraordinary power. Very few Americans have ever considered the word appropriate for use in relation to events in the United States, so encouraging public debate over this issue – rather than shouting down folks for using the word – seems wise in order to keep the focus on Trump’s actions. After seeing a recent post raising the alarm over an in-progress Trump coup d’etat on the community social media site Nextdoor.com immediately attacked as “pure fear mongering,” I thought it important to raise the issue and continue, rather than preclude, a conversation over the term’s use.

As we prepare to bid President Trump good riddance and begin to clean up his messes, hopefully, I turned to artist Mr. Fish (Dwayne Booth) for a brief retrospective of his work depicting the Trump era. It seems to me an enjoyable endeavor to mock and ridicule this grotesque example of the worst that the U.S. has to offer on his way out the door, and as you will see below, ‘grotesque’ is frequently a perfect initial descriptor for Mr. Fish’s work in this regard. If you can get beyond the shock value of his gruesome depictions, however, there’s often much more there to consider. When you begin with raw material as horrifying as Mr. Trump, who would certainly make Dorian Gray recoil in horror, the end results are bound to be provocative. – RR

Mr. Fish’s work can be found at www.clowncrack.com.

Let it End

Clinging to Power

Follow the Leader

America’s Angriest Inch

Crowning Glory

But I Play One on TV

Masking the Smell

We the People

See Something, Say Nothing

The Evilution Will Be Televised

Let There Be Light

Picture This

Art of the Eel

Ruler of Thumb

Donald Trump’s Nightmare

In the Bag



Party Host

F-Word March

Lame Shit, Indifferent Day

Not Afraid To Speak His Mind

Kiss of Death

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